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No tópico: Brazilian Guitar Quartet

24 fevereiro 2010 - 10:32

I've seen those guys a few years ago in Texas, they are terrific, highly recommended! And now that they are devoted to Villa-Lobos, it's like a dream come true!

No tópico: Villa-Lobos and samba

24 fevereiro 2010 - 10:30

Thank you folks for all the information. A friend of mine had mentioned Gnattali's name in the past, but I could never find any CDs of his music, I managed to find some music sheet, but not CDs. Where can I find them?

As far as Samba and Choro are concerned, I see a lot of gray areas between both, but I try to use Villa-Lobos / Pernambuco as my major references when it comes to choros and Powell / Gilberto when it comes to samba.

No tópico: Popularity of Brazilian players

31 janeiro 2010 - 08:48

A friend of mine gave me one of Gismonti's CDs, I think it was "danza dos escravos" and I can't really consider it to be jazz.

No tópico: Dyens to release Pixinguinha CD, sheet music

31 janeiro 2010 - 08:46

Very interesting, I think I'll buy it! I'm a fan of other Roland Dyens' works.

No tópico: João Gilberto - English

31 janeiro 2010 - 08:44

I have the Getz/Gilberto CD and I like it very much. Any other Gilberto's recordings you guys would recommend?