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  1. I like to hold my guitar on the right knee, as I said in my previous post. I've also done what Eugenio suggested, and have come to terms with playing in the higher positions. Still I have problems changing the timbre, it's more difficult to move the right hand gradually from the bridge to the soundhole. Any tips to solve this are most welcome! Harry
  2. Nice to hear from you, Gustavo! Personally I have given up my hope of getting the guitar, I was just wondering. A guitar friend of mine, a compatriot, has also ordered instruments from Luciano, and like me he has given up any hope. On the Delcamp Forum there are also other dissatisfied customers. But, I don't want this to darken my days, so I have come tto terms with the situation. I'm still delving into the wondeful world of Brazilian guitar music! Best wishes Harry
  3. Hello friends! Any news about Luciano Faria? Still waiting for my Voboam guitar that I ordered 5 years ago. Is i still working, or what? Harry
  4. Eugenio, thank you very much for an instructive video clip! Harry
  5. I have always been told that the guitar should rest on your left knee, having a footstool or a cushion to elevate it a bit. Recently I have fallen back on my old habit, resting it on the right knee, it's easier just to grip the guitar and play a tune whenever you have an opportunity. But then I have problems with the higher positions like the ones in Barrios' prelude of La Catedral. How do you solve that with the guitar on the right knee? Harry
  6. I have just won a bid on ebay for a new Loriente "Sofia" sold by Guitar Saloon International at a price of $2250 ,hard shell case and shipping costs to Norway included. List price is appr. $5000, web price around $4700. The reason for this low price was some haziness in the finish. I have just paid it without having told my wife about it, and I'm afraid I just want to get it confirmed as a bargain from members of this forum, a sort of justification for this buy. I do hope I have not done anything foolish.... Best regards Harry
  7. Merry Christmas to everybody on this forum! Harry
  8. Thank you, Guto. I logged in on violao.org and found my Luciano amidst happy customers who praised his workmanship -I have no doubts about that - and his ability to keep the deadlines..... I do NOT agree there. But it's tragic and not particularly nice to sacrifice customers because they live on the other side of the world.. But I cheer up playing my steadily increasing Brazilian repertoir and try to forget. In addition I have ordered an 11 string- Alto Guitar from TiendasLatinas and their luthier Martin Zalapa. He also made me a most wonderful Panormo, and this firm and luthier are trustworthy to the bone, and always deliver on time. And the price: less than 2000 Euros for an Alto guitar with sound board of solid German Spruce, body of solid Indian rosewood and extended ebony fretboard for the last 4 strings. And better: I don't have to wait for years on end, I'll get it in January/February! I am looking forward to that. I'll notify the forum when I have got it. As you might know, this type of guitar was developed by the Swedish luthier Bohlin, and has always had a stronghold in Scandinavia. You can tune it like a normal guitar or use lute tuning and play almost all types of lute music without having to tune a lot of courses. 11 strings in stead of 21! So I am looking forward to playing Bach more faithfully on this instrument. Yes, Guto, I DO need best of luck as far as Luciano is concerned! Best regards Harry
  9. Marius, eg håper at du bare har planar om å spela desse drinkane......... Helsing Harry
  10. Nice link! But as for now I have so many beautiful pieces by Brazilian and other South American masters to grip with that I simply have to restrain myself from adding this beautiful piece to my repertory right now, and that's a pity! Harry
  11. Come on folks, pay your $10 or more! Harry
  12. By the way, my Baroque guitar can be seen here: http://earlyguitar.ning.com/forum/topics/my-newly-received-baroque Soundboard: German spruce Back and sides: obancol Fretboard and pegs: ebony Neck: veneered Harry
  13. Thank you very much, Eugenio! I'm very pleased with it. As regards Luciano, I haven't heard from him since mid December when he was still waiting for the guitar case to arrive before he could ship it..... This is my third instrument from Martin Zalapa and TiendasLatinas, he also made me a beautiful Panormo 1,5 years ago, and I'm impressed both by the beauty and the tonal quality for such inexpensive instruments. I can give this Boilvian firm and their Mexican luthier my very best recommendations. They are trustworthy to the bone. Best wishes Harry
  14. I just want to inform thr forum that I yesterday received a wonderful baroque guitar from TiendasLatinas and Martin Zalapa at a very affordable price, whiile I'm awaiting the loooooooooooong expected Voboam from Luciano Faria of Sao Paulo which I paid in full 2,5 years ago. I ordered the guitar from Tiendas Latinas and M-Zalapa 14 May, and yesterday it was delivered at my doorstep. A most wonderful instrument both in terms of external beauty and tonal qualities. Harry
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