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  1. Hi everyone. Just wanted to inform you all that earlier this year I released a new album with music composed for guitar by Marco Pereira. I'm proud and grateful to be the first guitarist ever to record an entire album of Pereiras music (well if you do not count Pereiras own recordings....) The fact that Pereira him self has been helping, guiding and mentoring me all the way in the prosess has been a true blessing. I hope you would like to check out the result, and any feedback is highly appreciated! It's available on all major streaming and download sites. Pasting a link to Spotify here if you're interested in having a listen. Cheers Marius NB: administrators: If this post is unappropriate just remove it from the forum.
  2. Eugenio, I'm looking for all kinds of information. Want to put together a short chronological history of the evolvement of the guitar in Brazil from the very first piece written up to today’s composers and guitarists. I'l check out Canhoto. Thanks, Marius
  3. Hi. I'm looking for literature about the classical guitar in Brazil. All kinds of information is interesting like who wrote the first piece for classical guitar in Brazil, list of composers, important guitarists and so on. I’m looking for any kind of text: articles, books, dissertations, etc. I’m primarily looking for literature regarding the classical music, not popular music. Any help would be highly appreciated. So far I have put toghether this list of composers, feel free to add, comment and so on… Nazareth, Ernesto (1863–1934) (Brazil) Villa-Lobos, Heitor (1887–1959) (Brazil) Pixinguinha (1898–1973) (Brazil) Savio, Isaias (1902–1977) (Uruguay), (Brazil) Barroso, Ary (1903–1964) (Brazil) Soares de Souza, Francisco (1905–1986) (Brazil) Gnattali, Radames (1906–1988) (Brazil) Guarnieri, (Mozart) Camargo (1907–1993) (Brazil) Bosmans, Arturo (Brazil) 1908 Gonzaga, Luis (1912–1989) (Brazil) Garoto (Annibal Augusto Sardinha) (1915–1955) (Brazil) Sardinha, Annibal Garoto (1915–1955) (Brazil) Reis, Dilermando (1916–1977) (Brazil) Almeida, Laurindo (1917–1995) (Brazil, USA) Pires De Campos, Lina (Brazil) Santoro, Claudio (1919–1989) (Brazil) Bonfa, Luiz (Brazil) 1922 Azevedo, Waldyr (1923–1980) (Brazil) Jobim, Antonio Carlos (1927–1994) (Brazil) Krieger, Edino (Brazil) 1928 Teixeira, Nicanor (Brazil) 1928 Nogueira, Paulinho (Brazil) 1929 Fonseca, Carlos Alberto (Brazil) 1933 Thiago de Mello, Gaudencio (Brazil) 1933 Kaplan, José Alberto (Argentina-Brazil) 1935 Baden-Powell, Roberto (Brazil) 1937 Powell, Baden (Brazil) 1937 Nobre, Marlos (Brazil) 1939 Tacuchian, Ricardo (Brazil) 1939 Santos, Turibio (Brazil) 1940 Antunes, Jorge de Freitas (Brazil) 1942 Ramos, Toninho (Brazil) 1942 Prado, Almeida (Brazil) 1943 Tapajós, Sebastião (Brazil) 1944 Barbosa-Lima, Carlos (Brazil, USA) 1944 Gismonti, Egberto (Brazil) 1947 Miranda, Ronaldo (Brazil) 1948 Araujo, Francisco (Brazil) 1949 Cavalcanti, Nestor de Hollanda (Brazil) 1949 Madureira, Antonio (Brazil) 1949 Bellinati, Paulo (Brazil) 1950 Assad, Sergio (Brazil) 1952 Machado, Celso (Brazil) 1953 Luiz, Nonato (Brazil) 1955 Camargo Fernandes, Marcelo de (Brazil) 1956 Kampela, Arthur (Brazil) 1962 Viana, Andersen (Brazil) 1962 Budasz, Rogerio (born 1964)Brazil) De Faria, Alexandre (Brazil) 1970 Thanks, Marius
  4. Hi folks! Long time since I've been here.... Hope you'll enjoy this little video we made. I'm playing Carlos Barbosa-Limas arrangement of Passeio no Rio by Luiz Bonfa. It's me "floting" around in Rio de Janeiro. The vide was made over 3 days together with photographer Tomas Moss. The "film" is made out of about 2000 still photos! Enjoy! Marius
  5. Hi Guto I know about the ribbons, but isn't the sentence (Lembrenca do senhor do Bonfim da Bahia) connected to a church in Salvador as well? And what is the exact meaning of the sentence? Marius
  6. Hi guys! While we're at it, could someone please give me a good translation and explanation of the following sentence: Lembrenca do senhor do Bonfim da Bahia (it is the subtitle of Roland Dyens' Saudade no 3) Thanks a million Cheers Marius
  7. Hi Thank's to all of you for great suggestions! I will check out all the music. Bossanaut: I'm very interested in that album, but it seems to be very hard to get hold of. Do you know where I can buy it? Cheers Marius
  8. Hi Anyone know of any Brazilian songs/tunes named after drinks (or something to drink, water, wine, beer, etc.)? Thanks a million Marius
  9. Hi anyone..... Could anyone please help me translating the following titles: O choro de Juliana Bate-coxa Both tunes are by Marco Pereira. I belive O choro de Juliana is about some fish...? Or is it a girls name? Bate-coxa has something to do with thighs - but what? All help is greatly appreciated Cheers A confused Norwegian! Marius
  10. Hi Guto Thanks! The piece is written in a very idiomatic form, so it fits the technique on the guitar very well. It has some difficult passages but it's not too hard to play Marius
  11. Eugenio The recording it self is done with a Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder. I exported the audio from the video (using Imovie) to Protools, put on some reverb and then added the audio back to the video using iMovie again. Nice and easy Marius
  12. Hi Eugenio Thank you! Just my humble attempt to play a nice piece of music without doing too much. Marius
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