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  1. Happy New Year from London UK guys.Just letting you know my blog devoted to all things Brazilian guitar is now open for business again.I hope you find something of interest there. https://brazilianguitararchive.wordpress.com/ all the best Stu Blagden
  2. Hi all Heres the latest addition to my blog devoted to Brazilian guitar.Enjoy!! Stu https://brazilianguitararchive.wordpress.com/2015/11/05/sebastiao-tapajos-transcription-samba-do-aviaotom-jobim-solo-guitar/
  3. Here is my friend Tim Panting and myself playing Guinga's Chorado which we recorded in Buenos Aires many years ago.It has just been reissued on ''Django Festival 7'' cd on the Hot Club Records label available from ITunes Amazon etc etc I hope you enjoy it. Stu https://brazilianguitararchive.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/guinga-chorado-played-by-stu-blagden-and-tim-panting/
  4. https://brazilianguitararchive.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/paulinho-nogueira-transcription-triste-tom-jobimtrans-jardel-costa-1977/ Enjoy! Stu
  5. I can't believe some Brazilian guitarists haven't heard of Codo!! He was fantastic! Stu
  6. Good news is my Blog dedicated to all things Brazilian Guitar is back after a short break.its now PUBLIC so anyone can visit and check out all the stuff.A new transcription by Nogueira,his arrangement of Inuitil Paisagem is first up. https://brazilianguitararchive.wordpress.com/2015/10/28/inutil-paisagemjobim-arr-paulinho-nogueira-transcription/ WARNING!!!!!---If i find people sharing this rare stuff on other sites/forums i'll close the blog down straight away--please enjoy downloading but do NOT re up or share on any other site--for obvious reasons! Enjoy! Stu
  7. For the moment i am just posting scores etc in the Yahoo Brazilian Guitar Archive group so if you join that group you'll have access to them.Its an open group so you can become a member easily. Stu
  8. Heres the latest post on my new Brazilian guitar blog.Paulinho Nogueira's genius arrangement of Jorge Ben's ''Mas Que Nada''.Its a toughy but well worth learning! https://brazilianguitararchive.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/paulinho-nogueiras-superbly-original-arrangement-mas-que-nada-j-ben/ cheers Stu
  9. Garoto recorded quite a few compositions for solo guitar by other composers-Gnattali of course,Nazareth,Haydn String quartet arrangement,Mendelssohn,Matilde by Armandinho Neves and even The Man I Love by Gershwin.I got these recordings through Ronoel Simoes in Sao Paulo via a friend who was a conductor in Brazil.I'll upload more recordings on the blog soon. Thanks for the kind words--my main focus these days is Django Reinhardt style but i still love playing Brazilian guitar music. cheers
  10. Thank you Eugenio No mostly these are things i've picked up--not online but way before in the late 1980's early 1990's when i used to trade scores and recordings with Ronoel Simoes.I also got a lot of rare scores and recordings from a crazy Russian conductor who lived in Brazil and who knew absolutely everybody. Nowadays i'm a professional Jazz guitarist in London UK but i also played Choro a lot some years ago.This is me on cavaquinho and my friend Jon Preiss on violao sete cordas. cheers Stu
  11. Hi all If you have time please check out my brand new blog dedicated to Braziilian and South American guitar.Its early days but i hope to upload much of my rare scores and recordings collection there. Heres the address .https://brazilianguitararchive.wordpress.com/ Best Stu Blagden
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