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  1. Nogueira is one of my heroes, I'm glad you're posting a lot of transcriptions of his works. Wondering if you have a transcription of the piece below? I don't even know if that's "transcribable" at all! Not that I'm gonna be able to play it, ever, but I've always been curious to see how that arrangement would look like on paper.
  2. I've never heard of this guy before, he sounds great, thanks for posting.
  3. I'm a big fan of Lubambo's guitar, I was lucky enough to see him a couple years ago and he knocked my socks off. I'll definitely check this new title out.
  4. I believe you guys are questioning if that piece sounds like a Choro? Not to me, but i'm probably missing something...
  5. That's mind blowing, man, I don't know you pulled that off, I never expected to hear that tune on a solo guitar! Two thumbs up!
  6. I'm a huge fan of Gismonti's works! My Portuguese is limited and I can't manage to understand most of what he says, but the music is great, anyway!
  7. Nice blog, I had no idea that Garoto had recorded solo guitar arrangements of other people's works, I always had the impression that he only recorded his own works. Where did you find those records? Have they been compiled into a commercially available CD or something like that? Oh, and nice rendition, you're quite an accomplished cavaquino player!
  8. Sorry for not getting back to you guys earlier. I'll check out Marques' works, thanks for the recommendation. I'm already familiar with Pereira's work, very impressive!
  9. Wow, that's so incredibly beautiful, you almost made me cry! Thanks for posting that, amigo. I didn't know that Powell wrote that type of music. I was also completely unaware of the technique used to record the guitars.
  10. Oh my God, 12k on a guitar is a lot of money. I was very reluctant to pay 2k on mine, but I have no regrets. But I find hard to believe that another guitar would 6 times as good as mine. But maybe I'm talking out of my own ignorance and shallow pockets! I remember hearing a while ago that Brazilian guitars are prone to cracking during winters or dry seasons, is that true at all?
  11. I have Bellinati's renditions of Garoto's works and they're quite incredible. I find them more approachable than Raphael's works, but sure I have to take into account they were born a few decades apart. I can play Garoto, but Raphael seems impossible for me to even try.
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