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  1. Thanks to all of you! I just signed up when I was looking for information about Edmar Fenicio for the music library at the radio station where I work. I am pleased to report that this is because of a new recording we just got of one of his compositions, "Memorias de Chiquinha." It is on a new CD by Estonian guitarist Kristo Käo called "The Dance Album," featuring classical dance music from various nations and times. It is on Kitarrikool Records CD #2008. I don't know if Mr. Fenicio is aware that a guitarist from so far away has recorded one of his pieces, but if he doesn't know yet, I hope one of his friends on this forum will let him know about it. The label has a website at www.kitarrikool.eu, and Mr. Käo has a website at http://www.kristokao.eu/ Thanks for your help in my research-- Marie Lamb WCNY Classic FM
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