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  1. Hi Fabiano, I finally had the chance to view these today. Great job! I'll look forward to hearing more. Have you started recording your CD yet?
  2. Hello all, It was a great concert at UCLA. I would definitely recommend checking out the video. --Frank
  3. Hello Fabiano, I actually work at UCLA though my work has nothing to do with the music department. I'd be very much interested in your lectures / classes. I'd also be happy to show you around the area if you'd like and will have any free time during your stay. Send me a personal message through my account on this forum and I can send you my contact information. Whether at lectures or otherwise, I'll look forward to meeting you soon! Take care! --Frank
  4. I was lucky enough to be sitting about 4 feet away from maestro Dyens at a concert he gave at Trilogy Guitars, here in the Los Angeles area, last night. The performance primarily featured music of Pixinguinha and Villa-Lobos with a couple of Brazilian influenced original compositions mixed in. Spectacular! I bought the new CD of Pixinguinha music last night and have listened twice thus far. I HIGHLY recommend it to all! --Frank
  5. You are fortunate indeed! I had to pay $10 extra for the CD, still it was money well spent.
  6. I also have the folio and do recommend it. David told me that he is working with Dilermando's family to compile a full biography for eventual publication. He has also recorded a very nice CD of Dilermando's music which is not advertised on his website. It was all done on a nylon-stringed instrument (and is far better than Dilermando's own attempts at recording on such an instrument). I would recommend emailing him about the CD if interested.
  7. I had a dialogue going for a couple years, with a Mel Bay representative and a member of the Smithsonian/Folkways board of directors here at UCLA, to see if Mel Bay could publish a book of Bonfa's arrangements from the Solo in Rio 1959 CD. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of it. Perhaps if more people bother Mel Bay about this prospect.......
  8. How about a concert in Southern California sometime Ulisses?
  9. That is sad. He wasn't very old. There is an article on his passing at http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/18/arts/mus...nyt&emc=rss for anyone who is interested. Though I've never held a Humphrey instrument, or met the man, I certainly do appreciate much music that has come from his work. He will be very much missed. --Frank
  10. Hi Ivan, Thanks to you and Edmar! I just found a copy of the Davis Joachim recording on ebay. Take care! --Frank
  11. Hi Ivan, Do you know of any recordings I might be able to track down to hear some of Fenicio's compositions? If not, would you be willing to ask him about recordings for me? I have really enjoyed what little I have heard of his work. Thanks! --Frank
  12. I've only heard a little bit of one of Fenicio's compositions. Can anyone suggest specifc recordings where I might hear more? Thanks! --Frank
  13. Thanks Eugenio! From what little I know, it does seem that the CD was released. It was listed in an old catalog of theirs that I came across. I'll have to send a note and see if there might be a chance of a re-release. I think there would be a lot of interest now. Take care! --Frank
  14. Does anyone know anything about the Bonfa CD Moods? It was supposedly released by Guitar Solo in 1993. I've never seen a copy or seen one listed for sale anywhere online. Thanks! --Frank
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