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  1. Hi Fabiano, I finally had the chance to view these today. Great job! I'll look forward to hearing more. Have you started recording your CD yet?
  2. Hello all, It was a great concert at UCLA. I would definitely recommend checking out the video. --Frank
  3. Hello Fabiano, I actually work at UCLA though my work has nothing to do with the music department. I'd be very much interested in your lectures / classes. I'd also be happy to show you around the area if you'd like and will have any free time during your stay. Send me a personal message through my account on this forum and I can send you my contact information. Whether at lectures or otherwise, I'll look forward to meeting you soon! Take care! --Frank
  4. I was lucky enough to be sitting about 4 feet away from maestro Dyens at a concert he gave at Trilogy Guitars, here in the Los Angeles area, last night. The performance primarily featured music of Pixinguinha and Villa-Lobos with a couple of Brazilian influenced original compositions mixed in. Spectacular! I bought the new CD of Pixinguinha music last night and have listened twice thus far. I HIGHLY recommend it to all! --Frank
  5. Hi Eugenio, It would be much appreciated if you could look for it while you're in Brazil. I'd be happy to pay you whatever it costs. Otherwise, if you know of a Brazilian dealer I could buy it from online I'd do that. The only problem I often find is the language barrier. Sadly, my understanding of Portuguese is minimal. Thank you my friend! --Frank
  6. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy Yamandu's Lida CD? It seems to have disappeared from all my usual online sources. I know it is available from various sites as a download but I'd really rather have the CD. Thanks! --Frank
  7. You are fortunate indeed! I had to pay $10 extra for the CD, still it was money well spent.
  8. I also have the folio and do recommend it. David told me that he is working with Dilermando's family to compile a full biography for eventual publication. He has also recorded a very nice CD of Dilermando's music which is not advertised on his website. It was all done on a nylon-stringed instrument (and is far better than Dilermando's own attempts at recording on such an instrument). I would recommend emailing him about the CD if interested.
  9. I had a dialogue going for a couple years, with a Mel Bay representative and a member of the Smithsonian/Folkways board of directors here at UCLA, to see if Mel Bay could publish a book of Bonfa's arrangements from the Solo in Rio 1959 CD. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of it. Perhaps if more people bother Mel Bay about this prospect.......
  10. Hi Eugenio, Thanks! I had seen that one before. Any out of season references of Brazilian Christmas music are very much welcome. It gives me plenty of time to try to get a piece under my fingers before the season is upon us. Take care! --Frank
  11. Thanks Joe! I did manage to work it out. It is a fascinating early look at Yamandu. Take care! --Frank
  12. Thanks Eugenio! I have found that this recording is available as a free Rapid Share download but I don't seem to have the right software to be able to download and play the music. I've never dowloaded a Rapid Share file before. Perhaps someone out there can lend some advice. Thanks! --Frank
  13. I've just received information about a new CD by Yamandu called Mafua. It has been released by the German label Acoustic Music Records. Their website is at www.acoustic-music.de . The CD is 48 minutes of solo 7-string guitar. Enjoy! --Frank
  14. Thanks Eugenio! As you've no doubt guessed, I've become a huge fan of Yamandu's work and want to find as much of it as I can. I have 4 CDs thus far, including the CD with Yanel, and will get more as soon as budget allows. Take care! --Frank
  15. Hi Eugenio, I suspected that those discs, or at least the one you've seen before, were independents likely long out-of-print. That could be the only justification for the price. Do you know where in Yamandu's discography these might fall? Could they have come out before the CD with Lucio Yanel? He does look quite young in the cover photos. If these are pre-2000 recordings, could the material have ended up on later albums or is what's on these 2 discs otherwise unreleased? I don't imagine that I could justify paying that price for those CDs but I have become a big enough fan of Yamandu's work to be interested in trying to find all of his work as I can. Take care! --Frank
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