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  1. Hi Art,


    Choro is Portuguese for cry (English) or lloro (Spanish). There's a certain controversy about why the musical style got that name. Some people say that some melodies were so sad that they would make people cry (chorar). Others say that the fast, improvised pieces would be so hard on some musicians that they would burst in tears (again, chorar or llorar) if they weren't able to keep up. Anyway, both explanations make sense, as choros can be either extremely fast and happy or profoundly melancholic and sentimental!

  2. Hi Alan,

    As a matter of fact, Sergio made the recordings available himself. He digitalized the old stuff and his solo LP is now absolutely flawless, there are no hisses or any other noises besides the ones that hardly come from his nails!

    And thank you for the invitation! There's a city named Eugene in Oregon, just off the I-5, I'll have to make a stop there! :lol:

    I'm a member of Delcamp and my nickname there is Reis. Now you got my first and last names!

  3. Hi Alan,

    Welcome to the forum! Yes, we all hope we can make this a wonderful forum! Thank you for letting us know a little bit of your history, Sergio Abreu is nowadays a mythical person in Brazil, some of his old recordings have been unearthed and people are going crazy by listening to him play Paganini.

    I currently live in the northeast but lived in California for a while and I'm planning to go from San Diego all the way to Seattle next year, I'll sure have a lot to do in Oregon!

  4. Reinaldo,

    Eu coloco os botões de Input Gain na posição intermediária, ou número 2.

    Usar microfones externos com espuma: quem decide o que é melhor é você mesmo depois de alguns testes.

    Monitor em ON faz diferença se você estiver usando fones de ouvido.

    Captura: eu tenho ficado feliz com MP3 a 256kbps, but via de regra, quanto mais, melhor.


  5. Reinaldo, o som cristalino vai depender mesmo é dos microfones e da configuração deles no ambiente. Quanto ao SoundForge, dê uma olhada no menu Process, opção EQ e em seguida selecionar Graphic. É ali que você pode dar mais ênfase nos graves, agudos ou o que mais tiver em mente. Mas cuidado, essas opções servem para corrigir pequenos problemas, quando a gente usa demais acaba estragando o som.

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