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  1. Thanks for your comments. The guitar was made by Alan Chapman. Brazilian rosewood/spruce- traditional spainish design. Grant
  2. Hi all, Here is a recording of Simplesmente from the original Tons e Semitons book. Nogueira was such a great guitarist and musician, more so than Baden Powell in my opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liEwGQr9jmc Thanks for listening regards, Grant
  3. Hi all, This is a great piece by Nogueira, here's my attempt at it, enjoy. Thanks for listening regards, Grant
  4. Thanks Ivan and Guto, Yes, I have seen Paulinho's entire video, fantastic muscian/guitarist, the best. The guitar is a 2005 Alan Chapman br/sp.
  5. Self promotion I know, but some of you may be interested to watch this youtube video of Baden Powell's Samba em Preludio arranged by Paulinho Noguiera. Also a version of Paulinho Nogueira's reflexoes por 2em4 with intro transcribed can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/user/ClassicalGuitar1111
  6. Hi Eugenio and Julian, I like your forum, its a great resource. I did record that in a rush, using two octavia mics and a fostex mr8. Maybe I should have cut my nails off for a more authentic Paulinho Nogueira sound. I've been trying to transcribe zealo and others from his video, very hard, he has the most original style of playing guitar.Truly a one of a kind.
  7. Hi All, Here is a recording of reflexoes em 2 por 4 by Paulinho Nogueira. I transcribed the intro that he plays on reflections c.d. and expanded a little upon the version edited by Luis Carlos Santos and Ivan Paschoito. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cf...p;content=music cheers
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