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  1. Wanted to let you know I recorded this: ENJOY!!!!
  2. ...made a video of Sons.... enjoy!!
  3. Good morning! I just recorded Classical Gas, Mason WIlliams' grammy award winning guitar instrumental. Enjoy, and/or please leave a comment on Youtube! Marcel Tiemensma
  4. Posted a new clip on: If you want, pls leave a comment on Youtube. Would be very appreciated!!! Grtz, Marcel
  5. forgot: http://www.maxproducten.nl/file/musiclessons.html
  6. I recorded this a few months ago...want to show it again, with a promise a new clip is on it's way!!!
  7. sjon

    new vid

    It is p i a m i upstrokes. xxx Grtz, Marcel
  8. Hereby a new clip I just recorded! Hope you like it! Grtz, Marcel
  9. Please take a look to this fantastic vid: Thanks!!!