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  1. Those are cool pics! Looks like some kind of Framus, right? Those three pups look like P90s?
  2. Yeah, still doing those about 2 or 3 times a week. Was on a tele kick during the summer, but I'm back on my Gitane D500 for the fall -- by the winter I may be back to the gutbox! Full load of students, too! Zoot from '62, cool.
  3. I've been around! It's good to see you. Are you still hanging over at ... iirc ... AAJ? * Thanks for the recommendations everyone! One more question ... Bossa Antigua was 1964 ... which electric guitarists were working in bossa nova before 1964?
  4. I know that Jim Hall played electric guitar on Paul Desmond's Bossa Antigua, and it's one the earliest examples of electric guitar in bossa nova ... though there could be others? Were there any Brazilian players who championed the electric guitar in bossa nova? I know that the nylon-string is the default instrument, and I'm not questioning its importance or superiority.
  5. Cool! Thanks for the reviews! Maybe Djavan needs to do a Brazilian Recordings a la Johnny Cash's American Recordings! Does Rick Rubin dig Brazilian music?
  6. Thank you so much, Eugenio. That just opens that song up for me. It's really thrilling to finally have an idea of what the lyrics are going for.
  7. I've always loved the version off the Acoustic disk, but I've never really known what the lyrics were about. Some words look familiar, but beyond that I can't tell a thing. I tried Babel Fish, but it wasn't too clear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Não adianta nem me abandonar Porque mistério sempre há de pintar por aí Pessoas até muito mais vão lhe amar Até muito mais difíceis que eu pra você Que eu, que dois, que dez, que dez milhões Todos iguais Até que nem tanto esotérico assim Se eu sou algo incompreensível Meu Deus é mais Mistério sempre há de pintar por aí Não adianta nem me abandonar Nem ficar tão apaixonada Que nada, que não sabe nada Que morre afogada por mim * On a related note, and probably already noted somewhere in these forums, a huge hunk of his work is available streaming and free from his website. I've heard that he's a big proponent of Creative Commons, but I didn't realize most of his past work fell under CC licensing.
  8. JG, oriental rug, monitors, and big white squares? What are those? Set lists? Cheat sheets?
  9. I'm just blown away by the fact that it's just him with a drummer! And it just really sits in the pocket. Crazy infectious beats. Are there many (any) Brazilian musicians who have recorded with such a minimal setup? I just drove around yesterday with this in my car, taking my time, turning it up, repeating tracks, and just loving life!!!
  10. I just recently got this. Don't know why it took so long to get it. There are no notes in the disc booklet, just the lyrics. There's some info at wiki. But ... I'd like to hear more about it. Your reaction to it, the public/critical reaction when it came out, where it stands today, any anecdotes, etc etc etc.
  11. Those vids really a great facet of his playing. Those techniques can be rather gimmicky, but he uses them to serve the song. He isn't showing off or grandstanding, just making beautiful music. Thanks for posting those.
  12. Ah, thanks, Eugenio! I'd avoided that thread recently b/c the festival wasn't coming to Texas. My mistake! Very lively discussion. After reading that thread, I'm still crazy about him. I think he's a blast to listen to and watch.
  13. I love this guy!!! Could you expand a bit on why he's considered controversial?
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