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  1. this (and why do we have a "like this" button that never works?)
  2. try contact this guy through his website (he plays the youtube version): http://home.earthlink.net/~williamdee/
  3. you can see them pretty well here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbOcIIhxR3U the sheet music (guitar and melody instrument) of the guinga/mendes recording is on scribd.
  4. this site won't allow me to "like" (says i've reached my quota for the day, although i haven't "liked" anything---guess my quota is zero) ...anyway, thank you, stu. lots of cool stuff there.
  5. obrigado, eugenio. (mcafee still doesn't like this site much, fyi). great tune, love the maria bethania version.
  6. in my albeit limited observation, brazilian 7 string players extend the technique of the guitar to the 7th string, incorporating the (fretted) notes on the additional string into chord voicings and contrapuntal lines, as contrasted with the "lute style" used by players of instruments of 8 to 14 strings, which is mostly the use of open strings for the additional basses.
  7. i remember that series...never watched hulu b4, can't seem to get around the commercials...ah, well...thanks, anyway...
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