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  1. Hi Guto, I'm just going to bid for this as the guitar should have the typical 'brazilian' sound I'm looking for. This type of instrument is so rare in the UK and my alternatives are to import one (expensive) or have one custom made (more expensive) Many thanks for the reply, Steve.
  2. Hi Mario, Thanks very much for the reply. The guitar is up for auction and if I am lucky enough to get it I will indeed post some photos. Best regards, Steve
  3. Mario, many thanks for your reply. The guitar is up for auction and I am hoping that I will be lucky enough to get it. If I do I will indeed post photos. Best regards, Steve.
  4. Hi everyone, I might have the opportunity to buy a used Rogerio Santos seven string guitar in the UK. I am wondering what reputation this luthier has in Brazil and how the quality of his guitars compares to other high quality makers. I would be very grateful for an opinion. Many thanks, Steve.
  5. Hello again, I am thinking strongly of getting a seven string guitar. The question I have is this: is it common practice to keep the regular classical guitar string spacing and just have a wider neck with the extra bass string? What do some of the famous Brazilian players do in this regard? Many thanks, Steve.
  6. Hi Eugenio and many thanks for your reply. What I think I will try to do is get some sense of the pieces from the recordings and some of the youtube posts. Perhaps I should not be so lazy and have a go myself! Thank you again, Steve.
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first post. Is anyone aware of transcriptions of Paulinho's playing of Odeon and Zelao? I live in the UK and would be very grateful for any information. I already have the published versions of some of his original pieces. Many thanks, Steve.
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