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  1. My guitar is semi-acoustic Encore and has steel strings. I have been 'playing' for years--since 1991 with long periods of not playing also, but some real players would call me beginner. However I can for example use basic chords to improvise over/sing. I was first put off from barring because the actions was too high. Several years ago my cousin lowered action, but I still do not like full finger barring because the strings are dampned no matter what I do. So I seek to avoid it. However with Girl from Ipanema, when I set to chords that need full bar I have to imrpovise and strum the chord. I cannot do the fingerply I do with other chords Learning Insensatez was a breakthrough for me, because it is first full real tune I have learnt I can sing over
  2. Our rights to ecstatic participation of nature with the inspiration from psychedelic vegetation not only negatively impacts on people so prohibited by a fascist ecocidal State, but also on very nature itself. Because when we are deeply dissociated from the natural world we see it as an object to be exploited. We are not just rational beings, we also need spiritual sustenance. But you see, the State ,for deliberate reasons, wants total control over others, including nature, and this is a big reason why they do not want their 'slaves' having access to such inspiration, or even knowledge about it.
  3. the ONLY way to get responsible is to question authority when it is certainly wrong.
  4. That was a really great groove you got going there I want to learn it What I meant really was. When you bar whole threat so this means that most of the strings (more than ---example in Girl from Ipanema when it goes to a chord like Am7 or F#m7(9) I also struggle to get any sound of plucked strings when I do a full bar, so I have to imrpovise me stroking those strings
  5. I think this is delightful. I know it is not guitar, but wanted to share it here. I would love to try and get this feel on slide guitar
  6. please can someone help with my question above? Thank you
  7. I never ever mean that all people must take psychedelics. But I also am dead against this war on drugs which persecutes those who choose to. Not sure if you know the author and speaker Graham Hancock? He puts the situation like this: And you must know that in the history of the Christian church also there has been laws against music, against playing certain modes, etc; against women playing instruments and/or singing, against dancing...It is GOOD we have the freedom of music
  8. OK QUESTION. In this video below. I have of course difficulty understanding language, but also is that on my computer when playing videos the motion of the video is out of synch with the sound. So often I cannot work out his right hand stroke and fingerstyle in relation to the sound, so here is question: On some chords I understand to play lower strings with thumb and pluck the remaining three strings. BUT with the chords like Am7 Ab7 Gm7(9) what is the stroke or fingerstyle please? I can see he is keeping up tempo Bossa Nova with thumb but what strings is he plucking? Does he use all 4 fingers or alternate the strings...? Understand? please can anyone help with this?
  9. I love this guy --the way he explains difference between Brazilian music and 'tasteless' music lol
  10. Yes I love music too. Because I also love psychedelics and sharing important information about how sacred they are, this doesn't mean I use psychedelics as a crutch. That is too silly, and shows me you are presuming things about me you cannot know. Yes, I am very aware that psychedelics can be abused by some people, but so can food, so can spending money, so can anything which is used as some escape. Often the practice of MUSIC or any art can be abused. It can become so addictive that people's loved ones are neglected because the musician/artist is obsessed with his art. Is that not so? So ANYTHING can be abused Are you trying to argue that psychedelics are not natural? I am speaking of the natural plants, fungi, cacti etc that grow from Mother Earth. They are natural and have been used since the beginning both by animals and indigenous peoples as a natural food, a sacred medicine. I am surprised that I am getting this anti-psychedelics stance from the three Brazilian musicians here who all seem to share this same attitude. For it is VERy few places in this world where the use of sacred plants is even allowed, and Brazil is one of them---for Indgenous peoples, (though the UN has tried to ban this also) and for those who are part of the religions Santo Daime and UDV churches. I personally think ALL people should have freedom to ingest whatever the hell they want. The so-called 'war on drugs' is completely evil!! I can go as deep as you like regarding this subject. Humanity has lost spiritual connection with Earth. I see this as a consequence OF this stupid irgnorant 'war on drugs' which makes it to people are imprisoned if they choose to take psychedelics. MEANWHILE the powers that be continue to pollute the oceans, air, soil, cut down all of the trees, cause mass extermination of other species, and exploit a massive portion of humanity for their own vile greed. I see this as loss of soul. Psychedelics are THE sacred medicine which can heal this dis-ease. Music played without soul is mediocre and ugly.
  11. yes I have heard that from other players who play other typed of music, but it is interesting to know Brazilian guitar players recommend this way also.
  12. Eugenio. Please will you honour me by replying to the question I ask . have you ever actaully had psychedelic experience? yes or no? That is all I am asking at this point. From your reply I presume you haven't, but I just need more direct answer.
  13. This is interesting video if you can understand spoken english?
  14. may I ask you two one simple question? have you ever taken a psychedelic substance be it magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, LSD, mescaline or any other psychedelic in your lives?
  15. Yes I try and do that. I have had difficulty with this transition which is part of a version of Jobim's Insensatez which is transition from Bm7 to (what chorderator gives as A#m6#5) what I think could be in this context Bbm6#5? It is the pinky slipping. and missing the string lol---I have found this transtion VERY tricky, but sometimes I get it eg I get a flow, without too much of a gap.
  16. It is nothing to do with you whatsoever what another adult chooses to either digest nor not digest!
  17. I must say, with respect (because you surely are entitled to your OPINIONS as long as you dont force them on others, though it has to be seen that your opinions do though support the absurd and VERY destructive 'war on drugs') that this is not first time I have met this kind of reaction on a forum dedicated to music. For example, several years ago I joined a Spanish Flamenco online forum, and I thought what I was going to share (which I will explain in a moment) would be met with real interest. But what happened was I received hostility and threats from the resident Falemco guitar players. I am not sure if they were real Andalusian Flamenco people or westerns into it, but the reaction very surprised me. So, what had I been wanting to share and discuss. OK, it concerns the term "Duende'. Now I had learned that in Andalusian Flamenco the term had several meanings such as 'spirit(s) of the Earth. goblins, and the fusion that can happen between musicians and singers in Flamenco. The poet Lorca describes Duence like this: Now, I also had read that in Mazatec culture they also have the term 'the duendes' and this term is translated 'supernatural dwarves/faeries' (I have experienced them) which can be said to be the spirits of the sacred mushrooms! IF you are wondering who the Mazatec people are, they are a tribe of Indians living in Mexico who were 'discovered' in the 1950s by Gordon Wasson to have kept secret a sacred magic mushroom religion. And the reason being they had to go underground since the Spanish Inquisition rendered any eating of sacred mushrooms "diabolical". So that is loke one of the roots of the 'war on drugs' which continues. A famous Curandero of the Mazatecs was Maria Sabina http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRpYUnjVY0U So I though this connection very interesting, and seeing it was all about Flamenco, and seemed to be aware of original Flamceno, I had thought there would be interest. But no, I was told off and it ended badly. I think this is VERY sad because my feeling about music is that it is really something that breaks DOWN barriers, and not puts them up. So you may play some really great Brazilian melody and everyone even in China can feel it. EVEn if you sing in Portugese, it doesn't really matter words aren't 'understood'---the feeling is understood (I also love the sound of your language) Same with the Blues---when all this music is done with hearty and soul. So I cannot really understand the re-actions here against sacred medicine which is all ABOUT this sacred feeling, and breaking down barriers. You are not educated about this at all I must say. I have told you that many Indigenous people know various mind-altering vegetation as sacred medicine, this includes healers in your country, who are known as Ayahuesceros and Curenderos.
  18. lol I was hoping you would say it begins hard but gets easy. It is not easy for me, yet. I can do it but it is difficult hand position for my hand. I dont bar it
  19. Yes including spiritual sickness or soul iillness. I do not agree with your statement here: "The perception that you make better music under the influence of any controlled substance won't qualify the experience as either medicinal or religious." Of course it will. But only if you have a deeper understanding of what 'medicine' means. Sacred medicine. Well the power weilders in Brazil are just like our lot. They seem to disrespect Mother Earth, so I can understand they wage war on people having freedom to ingest whatsoever they choose, even for spiritual exploration, and yet promote the far more dangerous drug alcohol. I read today that the alchol industry here spend £800 million on advertizing its product and target younger and younger youths on social networking sites.
  20. Yes true, but we cannot also reduce life just to chemicals. That is materialist and/or physicalist worldview we are all oppressed under--though you may not feel this as oppression, I do, and I am very aware the terrible destruction the so-called 'war on drugs' is doing in this world. Now, altough I say we cannot reduce life to chemicals, this doesn't mean that chemicals dont exist. I dont mean that of course. Now, I have judgement, right. I now can choose videos at Youtube or whereever, and I wan watch tthem-0--music--and think, 'ahhh that has soul, feeling. I can tell the musicians is good and real. The same applies to when I listen to myself. I can compare certain things I have done on aurdio tape too---and think eg 'hmmmm that has a real power about it, etc or that is inhibited in comparison', That is what I mean. it is not like me singing crap after getting pissed and beliving I sound great lol----though I dont watch it, I have seen some wannabe singiners auditioning for the X Factor (do you have it there) who think and have been told they can sing, and belive it themselves, and they are AWFUL. SO out of tune---a sad joke. It is very sad. They are SOBER and think that....?...And I also dont mean that I feel I can only perform well when on psychedelics. Rather it is a deep learning experience when I have done.
  21. lol, I clicked something wrong and then found myself learning exactly that--The Girl from Ipanema. I so love that tune and song. I have copied all chords on paper and am getting used to the feel of them. Let me ask you something. When you first fingered the chord G7/13 was it difficult for you? I find it really awkward because of the pinky position. Do your ffingers adapt to it (and other difficult to grip chords) do you find?
  22. Like I had said, I have recorded and listened and can definately hear a difference and for the good. I do not look at psychedelics and sacred msuhrooms as 'drugs' but as sacred medicine. Surely Brazilians are open-minded about this---over there you have Indigenous people in the Amazonian rain forests who drink their sacred brews such as Ayahuasca, etc, and many westerners flock there to also drink with the healers there in a sacred way. And there are also religions in Brazil allowed to use it like the Santo Daime and UDV churches. Psychedelics are NOT like the drug alcohol. Alcohol is a poison (ethanol) and is known as a 'depressant' which means the more you drink will put you in a coma and then there follows death. Psychedelics are not like that at all! If you don't agree fine. I may be amateur on guitar but have experience with psychedelics and years of research, so.... By the way, I am not taking magic mushrooms everytime I play guitar. It is not like that. I take them infrequently as a sacred medicine. But the times I have recorded myself on guitar and singing was some years ago
  23. Of course, the kinda singing I like is raw. It may not be pretty at all. But it is also good to have all kinds of skills. As long as raw soul is not lost
  24. I could have talked about this in my guitar and singing thread, but I will want to bring attention to this here. To some what I say may seem weird, but i AM weird lol I have taken magic mushrooms in the past, and have noticed that when I sing when bemushroomed there is definately a very different quality to my voice. I seem to have more breath, and the muscles that one uses singing seem to instinctively move freer, and there is a feeling of far more freedom and soul. There is a seamless spontaneous and magical quality to it. And LOTS of energy. This is not just me imagining it. I have taped me singing with guitar, drums, etc etc, and it is verified. So it is not just me THINKING I am singing better like when you are drunk lol. Anyway, just a little while ago, I was listening to a very interesting podcast, and was encouraged to visit a website which talked about how new scientific studies are showing eating magic mushrooms can grow new brain cells, but when I went there to read about this there were links amd one included something to do with 'singing with freedom'. The guy who runs this course said that if one sent a free email I could have free lesson. I was curious, so did that. I was very impressed. He is Swedish and his name is Per Bristow. I am not sure whether to pay for a course (it is hard to know who to trust lol) but find he has quite a few free videos at Youtube. I just find the synchronicity very startling. IE that I feel how I do about singing when bemushroomed, and then find out about this guy at a site talking about magic mushrooms. I just want to share this with people here, because I like to return favours for the help you are giving me. For all I know you may not have heard of him, like I hadn't. Life is full of surprises IF singers here feel they could benefit from checking this guy out that would be cool. This is whole idea of this thread. Here are links to him Sing with Freedom And at Youtube By the way, he is not suggesting you have to eat magic msuhrooms lol but says stuff like you do not have to learn scales to sing with freedom, but help muscles develop so as to have greater rage and so on.
  25. OK, here in UK there is a terrible problem with young people and alcohol. Not only bige drinking when going out on the town, but also English youth abroad. They drink alcohol, pouring all kinds of strong cheal booze down their throats in all kinds of ways, and then are falling about everywhere, being sick, going unconscious, and it is unbelieveable. I did stuff similar nut not as in SUCH excess (though I did drink to get pissed often), but lickily when about 15 I chose cannabis over alcohol. This drinking things has though affgected me because very close family members have had drinking problems, and I have had friends seriously affected, and a friend now has found out he has cirrhosis of liver and it could be life-threatening, and he is only 27. This has been caused from his heavy drinking when he was younger! In our paper today it is said that the alcohol drinking of our youth of our country, the UK, is second worse in the world! Denmark is top, and I notice So I am asking what is it like in your country? Is there the same urge of the youth there to get totally drunk when they go out?
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