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  1. Maybe so but it has a VERY Brazilian Bossa Nova feel about it. Both melody, rythm, and song Thankyou for finding my that video also I am delighted to have JUST found up to now best Bossa Nova arrangement that I will try and work out chords!! The guitarist's name sounds Brazilian also? Also I have just looked at clip from the film The Sandpiper and see they have lyrics in both English and Portugeuse. I LOVE the English lyrics, but I remember ben VERY pleasantly suprised when I saw Brazlian Portugese lyrics for Garota de Ipanema. SO different from the more simpler English version. Can anyo
  2. Hey Patsty, Good to hear from you Your advice is VERY important, I know. I will try that, I promise. But I also am impatient too...lol because ONCE I do learn the basic chords (to support my singing, and I do experiment vocally also, because voice is intrument too of course) I then can experiment with the tune on guitar. At the moment I have Insensatez, Garota de Ipanema, and Wave (though I haven't tackled Wave yet---that sounds too funny, I know lol on more than one level) You must admit it seems very rare to find Brazilian guitarists who both play guitar and sing and give lessons at same
  3. If you see this As you see he is singing and showing hands. I think this guy charges for lessons. But what I am asking for--isthere any guitarist here who would play The Shadow of Your Smile in Bossa Nova style and sing also so I can work out the shapes I need to copy down so I can then know it please. I am struggling with the electronic tab youtube video mofo
  4. Yes I am familar with that type from another page. But what I am after is actual video demonstration of the Bossa Nova style where you use base strings as percussion. That is how I a learnt Garota de Ipanema for example, i HAVE found this one This looks promising. at first i didn't like it, but struggling will learn me better. Same it did with learning Insensatez from trying to work out finger positions of a guitarist from video. took me a while but it was worth effort
  5. HI, I am trying to find the chords for a Bossa Nova version of a real loved melody and song of mine, The Shadow of Your Smile I have tried at Youtube, but the few videos are not very good. Please understand that it is just chord transitions I need because I also sing the song, so am just needing possible chord progression. Could anyone here help me with this request, or link me to a possible source that can? Thank you
  6. Thank you. That looks good. by the way. Sorry about the Brazilian defeat like that. BUT I still LOVE how Brazilian players play footbal which is like so skillful and like dancing. Real art. I know you may have wanted to win, but it is the art and LOVE for what you do, and not the 'winning', which is important for me!
  7. Hello, before I ask, want to say how much I am enjoying the World Cup hosted by Brasil. I am also with the people protesting. it is hard, but I just LOVE the spirit of there, especially Rio de Janeiro It is very apt time then to ask, what is best online guitar lesson for Corcovado I ADORE this piece!!! This is one I already found, but when he shows the finger positions it is not helping me. I need another way. Can you link me to a good one please?
  8. Good to hear from you, I've missed you Ahaa so you don't find it ugly now. I am a bit disappointed lol. So hmmm do you think that Brazilian Portugese is more influenced by African culture than European Portugese? That is what you seem to mean......?
  9. Well you just said it, Brazilian Portugese . I came to these forums to say exactly this after just watching the guy, who can speak many languages whow differentiated between 'Brazilian Portugese' and 'Euoropean Portugese': (in part where he is speaking in ? Portugese ) I would very much like to show off my singing to you in Brazilian Portugese to you. Well, in 2011 I had VERY serious virus hit my computer and I lost lots of stuff, and including my Skype connection. I haven't yet got to get it going again cause I am not technical. But this may inspire me to. Let me ask you a question: Of
  10. Please name me one Brazilian singer (male) who is openly gay?
  11. To me it is very interesting and important conversation, but you are entitled to your opinion as usual. So another revelation!! So it is not usual for Brazilian musicians to come out??? That is very strange, because the music has so much soul. I mean I am aware that rap and hip hop is homophobia and very few dare come out, but didn't know this was the case in brazilian music. So much so you cannot name me ONE gay Brazilian guitarist! Well here I am, a learning Brazilian guitar and singing guitarists. And PROUD of it I hope this little message may encourage others
  12. I am learning all the time which I love, and I like asking questions I am learning to sing in Portugese, two songs up to now, Insensatez, and Garota de Ipanema . I LOVE Brazilian music, and language and the Rhythm of how it is sang. I was listening to the 'original' Garota de Ipanema, the first bit , and as I am singing with him, I am SO into the sound of the language, its feel and rhythm, I am smiling out of my face!!! I abolutely love this song and melody for many many years, and now I am singing in the actual language and have found the proper translation, which is really poetic, far mor
  13. I AM going deep into this song ....First it was finding the translation of the Portugese, and me learning the singing and rythm of this laguage from brazil. THEN I find out--well according to those who responded here--it can only mean a woman, about a woman Well lol there may be a little bias, because I assume both of you are heterosexual? I have absolutely no problem singing about it and imagining a woman, but I also imagine looking and longing for a BOY, which is what us gays like you straights do too So, hmmm, I insist that boys I look at have rythm which can be called 'swing'--it dont
  14. Thanks I will. I am really interested in somehow having this song adress a male...and music
  15. Hmmmm this is getting interesting. I do not agree with you, but it could be said sterotypically that 'males walk like that', and 'women walk like the other way', but in my experience it is just not like that. I see a spectrum, and not black and white like that. Tell me, do you have any gay Brazilian guitarists, or any musicians that you know of? If so I would love to ask one or two what they think of this 'problem'?
  16. No I am not understanding? Are you saying there is no word which connotes girl or her? I mean boys can walk like that also? Say I was going to sing this song to you, and I tell you I am gay (which I am) and I want to sing it about a boy I fancy etc. Can you tell I am singing it about a boy and not a girl? In English version we would simply change 'girl from Ipanema' to 'boy from Ipanema' Also does this mean that no women could sing this song about a boy that they desire??
  17. How do you change: Moça do corpo dourado ,so that is sung : boy with body of gold? O seu balançado to his swing Ah, se ela soubesse to Ah, if he but knew Que quando ela passa, That when he passes by
  18. This is a shock. I have only found this out coming here now!! What an AMAZING musician!!! His music/soul will live on and on
  19. ps sorry for the forma of the post. When I copied the song it messed up the compositions. Hope its not too confusing. I dont know how to sort it out
  20. Well as they say you learn something new everyday. Life is amazing as it always surprises you with delight! I have been practising Insensatez and The Girl from Ipanema for weeks, and really more so making up a scat-type singing --improvisation. In the past I had been learning the Brazilian (I know language is Portugese but I also learnt from another member from here that brazilian Portugese is very different from Portugal portugese. I will want to know more about that please. She said the latter is crap in comparison lol) version of Insensatez, and now I am getting more and more confident pla
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