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  1. I was just wondering, is there anything special in the guitars that yamandu uses? I just cant believe he is using normal classical build violaos. The tone is just to bright in my ears. Like here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWD-9vUYioA. It is just a incredible bright sound for a classical guitar. it sound more like a Flamenco guitar then a classical. When I watch other guys on youtube playing seven string guitars, they often have a very big kind of dumpy tone. One thing I notices is that Yamandus guitars often have smaller body. The seven strings guitar that I know often tend to have a depper Body for that low string. I think thinner bodys make the tone kind of sharper and more trebly.
  2. Hi Vinivius I know O brien guitars for a while now. I have never played one. But to be honest I do not like the sound from videos. Of course it does not mean a thing. I will definitely take a closer look if you like them.
  3. No i would buy a used one too. But here in Europe you do not find these usualy in good quality. Rather cheap guitars at 300 euro range. In local guitar stores here in berlin, nobody has what i am searching for.
  4. I wrote an email to will hamm and he answered very fast and told me that the guitar with a 640 mm scale cedar top and indian rosewood will cost 12000 usd . That is one of the highest prices i ever saw a luthier offering. I am really not willing to spend that much money, even if i would have it. I doubt that the cedar is from the garden of eden. I will max spend 4k, I mean you somewhere you get to the point where you realize that your are buying an rather small instrument and not a car or high tech computer.
  5. ok thanks. Well it is quit difficult to do the right choice considering the amount of money. As far as I know Rabello played a Ramirez 1a from 1969(or so) and a 1a from 1988 and wanted Passos to finish a guitar based on that 2 with an additional String. I will maybe go with the hamm model ,lets see how much he wants.
  6. Thank you very much Eugenio. What are your thoughts on buying the Yamandu model by Will Hamm? I really like the sound Yamandu has but I can really imagine that it all comes from his perfect playing. I bought a 7 string in Febuary by Rozini but I did not like it at all. The sound was somehow very flat and it was not very playable, action seemed to be very very high.
  7. Hello, I would like to purchase a violao de sete cordas. Probably i would go for a costum made model. Problem is that i am not fluent in portuegese and most website by the luthiers i searched for were only in portugese language. I have a bit of knowledge on flamenco guitars, since their is a big english speaking community but i am not to solid in the brazilian scene. I like the sound yamandu costa has, snappy with lot of depth on that 7th string. Could somebody maybe name me a few of the top luthiers in terms of violao de sete cordas. I only know jao scremin and jm santos. Greetings Lars
  8. Yes the musical development of raphael is so interesting, he startet out with a very classical guitar approach were he was in my eyes a bit stiff. His prime really startet in the early 90s, especiacly when he startet getting into Paco de Lucias music. Even though they came from different countries with different musical backgrounds they had the same mentality towards music and interest in the music of each other. If you lock at this version of Samba do Aviao you can see the musical changes Rapha made. You hear alot more percussiv tapping like Flamanco golpe and picado runs in his later playing. Especially the part in the middle that is very very jazzy with that samba feel. Overall his musical approach was alot more into improvisation in his later career. That was the time around 1994 1993. Very sad that he died then. I would probably sell my soul for a Duo ala Mclaughlin and Paco with Paco de Lucia and Raphael Rabello. This live perfomances would probably be the guitar Bible of these days. The programm Ensaio recording is another proof of those stylistic changes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZNoReByX4M It is very funny, because I think I read somewhere here in the forum that purist of the classical guitar in Brazil where blaming Raphael for "gypsying" the brazilian guitar. Ironic that Paco the Lucia was blammed by purist of gypsy Flamenco that he would move away from the true flamenco roots, and disturbing the view on spanish guitar because he got alot into brazilian and jazz Music. Really two greats and my two favorited guitarist.
  9. Yeah i know them all. Rapha plays a incredible versions of Brincando de odeon. Really great played alot of Improvisation combined with great technique. Wow is this a amazing guitarist.
  10. Thank you very much eugenio but I allready kene those 2 videos. But still amazing performances of rapha.
  11. Hello, After i got into brazilian music 2 years ago I got completly obssesed with the guitar style of Raphael Rabello. He is my all time favourite Guitar Player and I have probably seen all videos that exist on youtube and have listened to every record I could find. My question is: Does somebody have any footage or recordings that can not be found in the english part of the internet. You can often find concerts or special recordings uploaded on certain websites that are not on youtube. I can not speak Portuguese so its kind of hard to find such things using Google translator. Is their maybe some sort of website or a guy who is selling rare perfomances by rabello?
  12. Eugenio and Renato thank you very very very very much for your help. I think I can understand now what baden is doing there.
  13. thanks alot Euginio, I didnt know about that technique, I will try to work it out. I slowed the whole thing down to hear out the notes but simply know chance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k8ci50HXxA I simply have no idea what this strumming pattern is.
  14. Hello, I have great trouble with figuring out what the great master Powell is doing on this particular live version of Samba de uma nota so. I am mainly talking about the part that starts at 00:46. It seems as it would be a very fast arpeggio picking pattern but i can not figure out what he is doing. I could not find a transcription of this particular version and have not seen anybody playing it the same way. Maybe somebody knows what Powell is doing ,or a tune that is played in a similar way. Thank you very much Greeting Lars
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