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  1. I've made a transcription of Paulinho's performance of "Zelao" and posted it on my blog. You may have to scroll to find it once you get there. http://www.chriscensullo.blogspot.com
  2. randalljazzThanks so much! I've recently added more to the blog, including "Belem" by Sebastião Tapajós, and an arrangement of "Triste" by Jobim that I created.
  3. Estou trabalhando em algumas transcrições de violonistas brasileiros que eu vejo no YouTube. Eles são disponíveis gratuito aqui: http://chriscensullo.blogspot.com/ Eu gostaria se vocês me avisariam o que vocês acham! I am working on some transcriptions of Brazilian guitarists that I see on YouTube. They are available here for free: http://chriscensullo.blogspot.com/ I would like it if you let me know what you think!
  4. Eu fazei uma transcrição desse desempenho. É disponível gratuito aqui: http://chriscensullo.blogspot.com/. I made a transcription of this performance. It is available for free here: http://chriscensullo.blogspot.com/.
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