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  1. Today the great guitarist, very talented composer, fantastic arranger, the living legend of Brazilian guitar music - EDMAR FENICIO celebrates his 80-th Birthday!!! This video is to congratulate MAESTRO with his Jubilee and wish him strong health, many positive emotion, many creative achievements, constant inspiration and many many happy years ahead!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR FRIEND!!!
  2. Here goes Choro para Violão Solo "DESLIZANDO PELAS NOTAS" сomposed by Angelo Zaniol in 2008 which he dedicated to Edmar Fenicio.
  3. The 6-th and the last piece of Laranjeiras that are available. Arranged for guitar by Edmar Fenicio. Three more pieces known as survived but I think they only may be found in the Library of Rio de Janeiro...
  4. Choro "SABAR Á " by Quincas Laranjeiras arranged by Edmar Fenicio!
  5. One more beautiful arrangement made by Edmar Fenicio:
  6. This is Mazurca "SARITA" composed by Agustin Barrios. It was transcribed by Edmar Fenicio from the first recording of Barrios made in 1924. This version was used by Richard Stover for his edition of Barrios. The work was dedicated to Sara, the daughter of the Argentine guitar maker Rodolfo Camacho (1887-1973), whose guitars Barrios admired and reputedly played. The form of this work is that of a Mazurca featuring an ebullient melody and a playfulness that no doubt was inspired by Sarita (Little Sara).
  7. Here is one of the most recent works of Maestro Edmar Fenicio - transcription of LA RINCONADA by Antonio Sinopoli! The original score seems to be impossible to find so he transcribed this piece for my project which is called 3 CD's+3 DVD's with the music by Antonio Sinopoli. By the way, if anybody may help with the old scores of Sinopoli I would be greatful. I need some rare titles such as MILONGA №5 and some others for my CD-3. Here enjoy with LA RINCONADA!
  8. Dear friends! I am happy to inform you that the big project has been released - 4 Books of works by Edmar Fenicio with the accompanying CD's!!! The information about it is in this video: https://youtu.be/Tlf9EvJ3qdI
  9. One more piece by Edmar Fenicio from the beautiful cycle of Memorias. MEMORIAS DE BARRIOS (ELEGIA) The last piece from the cycle of MEMORIAS by the great Edmar Fenicio. ESTUDO BRILHANTE:
  10. One more piece by Edmar Fenicio from the beautiful cycle of Memorias. MEMORIAS DE BARRIOS (ELEGIA)
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