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  1. Edmar Fenicio

  2. Edmar Fenicio

    Yes Eugenio, we are friends. Now two books of his works are being prepared. Book-1 will contain his compositions played by me and Book-2 - his arrangements and transcriptions also played by me. Each of the books has an accompanying CD illustrating all the pieces in the book (also played by me). In each book there will be about dozen of pieces, nice color cover, interesting preface.
  3. The Music of Garoto

    Here is my Garoto playlist. Hope you enjoy it! GAROTO (Annibal Augusto Sardinha): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWcCUYEaBHma049X5iT6yG3Jb1r3eHAXh
  4. Edmar Fenicio

    Just have recorded! Here is my playlist of Fenicio:
  5. Edmar Fenicio

    Here is my playlist of Fenicio:
  6. Edmar Fenicio

    Here is one of many recorded by me. Hope you enjoy:
  7. Edmar Fenicio

    Hi guys! I occasionally get to this forum. I see you are interested in Edmar Fenicio works. I have recorded whole Cd of his works and already prepared a half of Cd-2. If you are interested I may post my videos of his pieces and arrangements.