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  1. Fabulous! I assume you play professionally. If not, why not?
  2. Beautiful playing of a beautiful piece! But Nogueira better than Baden Powell?
  3. I remember in the 1970s as a classical guitarist, I was overwhelmed at the discovery that I could use my fingerstyle technique and nylon strings to play this lively genre of Brazilian music. First it was Villa Lobos, a natural classical composer, but then there was the discovery of Baden Powell and Luis Bonfa. Decades later, I discovered great arrangements of Jobim, Almeida and others. Anyway, it was a great natural sequeue for a classical player. Actually, I play very little classical now, using the same fingerstyle technique for jazz, blues, and of course, Brazilian. I even recently went over to the dark side and bought a couple steel string guitars
  4. I think you remain too charitable in your view of him. He has ripped you off, and his knowledge of English doesn't matter, only the paid-for, undelivered guitar. Good luck...
  5. Let's not forget an obvious source: The website for Baden Powell set up by his son, where all the music is free, http://www.brazil-on...ar.de/tabs.html . I also like Fred Sokolow's Jobim arrangements: http://www.sheetmusi...-Guitar/2968696 . It's a better process to first discover the music you like on places like youtube, and then search out the sheet music.
  6. I would add Paulinho Nogueira, Sergio Assad (the one composer in the family) and Dilermondo Reis.
  7. Marlon, the other posters here are being too polite. If you investigated the threads at other classical guitar forums (Acoustic Guitar, Delcamp and Guitar Salon International), you'll find that a lot of people have been ripped off by Belluci.
  8. This was posted within the last day. Here is Troubleclef's description from Youtube: "Aruanda" (or, "Take Me To Aruanda") Music by Carlos Lyra and Geraldo Vandré Arrangement by Paulinho Nogueira "Another brilliant knuckle buster from the brain and fingers of the astonishing Paulinho Nogueira. I've been working on this thing all summer and here it is Thanksgiving and this is about as good as i can get it. But I'll keep trying."
  9. I finally bought the CD after giving up waiting for sample tracks at Amazon and other sites. While I'm a big fan of both Roland Dyens and Pixinguinha, I found the arrangements strangely flat and uninspiring, especially compared to Baden Powell's interpretations. Maybe Dyens' treatments were a bit too Europeanized for my taste. Just one person's opinion...
  10. Here are six Bonfa arrangements from the fantastic $6.95 collection by Brian Hodel, Brazilian Masters, from sheetmusicplus.com: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/The-Br...Masters/2934820 And four arrangements by Carlos-Barbosa Lima from GSP: http://www.gspguitar.com/jsp2/detailSearch...p;source=search
  11. I can't open the pictures. When I try, Windows Media Player picks them up as music files rather than jpeg photos...
  12. It's out: http://www.gspguitar.com/jsp2/detailSearch.jsp?sku=GSP1035CD
  13. I just got this update from the Acoustic Guitar Forum: "I just received word today from Roland that the cd is almost ready to be released. It has been delayed because of mastering, and then more re-mastering. He was doing some editing work at my home in Buffalo in April, and I was able to hear the tracks, (pre-mastered). Really beautiful arrangements and poetic playing. I think that this cd may become an instant classic. The arrangements will be published also. Cheers, Jim (Piorkowski)
  14. I guess I have to agree with the entire list, including the actual rankings. Too bad there's no place for Baden Powell...
  15. It's not musical. Virtuosity is a waste if you have no sense of beauty.
  16. I want to apologize for my posting above, which in retrospect was unnecessary and harsh.
  17. Harry, you will never see this guitar. Luciano has obviously dropped off the map. The only saving grace is that your posts have brought some justice to the situation in that it will significantly hurt his business. I'm so sorry for your situation, but long live the Internet...
  18. Very nice, Daniel. What kind of pickup are you using?
  19. Here's a recent version that I'll work with. Very close to the original from A Man and a Woman, with the voice stripped out.
  20. In the early part of Baden Powell's career, when he was a prolific composer, he played a DiGorgio guitar. Does anyone know its model and year?
  21. Those of you not familiar with this compilation of Jobim solo guitar transcriptions will thank me: http://www.gspguitar.com/jsp2/detailSearch...p;source=search This Fred Sokolow edition is the best Jobim solo guitar book in my opinion, though the Girl from Ipanema is not the best arrangement here, though it's not bad. The arrangements here are more jazzy than the classical transcriptions by Paulo Bellinati and Carlos Barbosa-Lima.
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