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João Gilberto - English

João Gilberto  

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  1. 1. Do you consider him to be a guitarist?

    • Not a soloist like Luiz Bonfá, but I still think he deserves to be called a guitarist
    • Barely, he's much more of a singer who accompanies himself
    • Neither a singer nor a guitarist, he's simply an impostor
  2. 2. The influence of João Gilberto's guitar

    • He's a milestone and influenced the generations to come
    • Just a lucky guy who's got more attention than he deserved
    • He should have his name erased from any history books

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i grew up listening to joão gilberto (and others, of course). that's how i learned how to play (rhythm) guitar. because i studied/listened to his albums as they were released, i was able to hear the "new" chords as gilberto continued to develop his style and ability to arrange tunes to his liking. people who are just now discovering him and listening to his music "out of order" might not have the same appreciation for what he's done. :)

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Although the record with Stan Getz is what made João Gilberto and the Bossa-Nova famous around the world, I usually recommend and regard Gilberto's "white album" as one of his very best, it synthesizes what his music is all about, and it sounds timeless, even though it was recorded in the early 1970's.

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