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Edmar Fenicio

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Thanks to all of you! I just signed up when I was looking for information about Edmar Fenicio for the music library at the radio station where I work. I am pleased to report

that this is because of a new recording we just got of one of his compositions, "Memorias de Chiquinha." It is on a new CD by Estonian guitarist Kristo Käo called

"The Dance Album," featuring classical dance music from various nations and times.

It is on Kitarrikool Records CD #2008. I don't know if Mr. Fenicio is aware that a

guitarist from so far away has recorded one of his pieces, but if he doesn't know yet,

I hope one of his friends on this forum will let him know about it. The label has a website at www.kitarrikool.eu, and Mr. Käo has a website at http://www.kristokao.eu/

Thanks for your help in my research--

Marie Lamb

WCNY Classic FM

Hi Marie Lamb, welcome to the forum and thanks for the news.

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Hi guys!

I occasionally get to this forum. I see you are interested in Edmar Fenicio works. I have recorded whole Cd of his works and already prepared a half  of

Cd-2. If you  are interested I may post my videos of his pieces and arrangements.

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On 25.10.2007 at 12:27 AM, islandguitar said:

I first stumbled onto the name of Edmar Fenicio as an arranger in the well know Chanterelle publication "PERNAMBUCO Famous Choros Volume 1 (Chanterelle 761)". Recently I ordered some of his music from GSP (California, USA): "Message to Jobim" & "Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro". Unfortunately there seems to be a dearth of information about this composer, at least outside of Brazil. My goal with this post is to establish a forum where guitarists can discuss his compositions and or details about this composer. To begin I'll include a few brief comments about the above pieces.

"Message to Jobim"

This is a pair of short pieces. The first titled "Dawn's Song" and as you'd expect is slow and somber in the key of b-minor. The 2nd titled "Evening's Prelude" is again slow but much brighter in the key of E-major. As I've said, these pieces are short, but together they would make a nice addition to any concert. Fenicio's writing is very idomatic. Chord shapes are jazzy and very colorful yet always remain comfortably under one's fingers.

"Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro"

This is a slightly more substantial piece (in length at least) in the form of a samba. Again the writing is very idiomatic, while the chords remain diverse and explore "flat" key areas. Even though you would encounter many of these chords in other Brazilian repertoire (i.e., Garoto) Fenicio still manages to remain original. Several altered chords plus some open strings here and there make his writing unique. I should note that Fenicio's writing in this piece is very sequential; he repeats chord prgoressions exactly often a wholetone away from the previous beginning chord. As a performer this enables you to get a lot of material with the same technical effort. Caution, there are a few wrong notes, but usually it's a missing accidental that's pretty obvious -- especially if you follow the sequential patterns. This tune has a moderate tempo and really swings!


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On 25.03.2008 at 2:12 AM, Ivan Paschoito said:


Excuse me for taking so long for answering. It seems that there are not many comercial recordings of Fenicio's music. In adition to the already mentioned recording of Choro Melancólico by Marco Pereira, Fenicio told me that a Canadian guitarist named Davis Joachim recorded, years ago, Memórias de Chiquinha Gonzaga. And that seems all. Unfortunately.


Here is my playlist of Fenicio:


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