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Rabello was phenomenal. I'd say his biggest changes took place around 1987-1988, that's when he was still under the influence of Radames Gnattali and already in touch with Paco de Lucia.

All records that came out after that period show the musician that we fell in love with, with a very robust sound, endless flow of ideas and mind boggling technique and speed.

I agree that both Rabello and de Lucia had their share of criticism, Rabello was certainly accused of "gypsyfying" Choro and Samba, but they also had enjoyed a great deal of recognition during their lives.

Unfortunately, we lost Rabello too early, but his music and legacy lives on. :yes:

It's not the first time a great Brazilian musician left this world too early, Garoto was another extraordinary talent who passed when he was still 39 years old. And if it weren't for some of his friends, a lot of his music would have been lost forever.

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I have Bellinati's renditions of Garoto's works and they're quite incredible. I find them more approachable than Raphael's works, but sure I have to take into account they were born a few decades apart. I can play Garoto, but Raphael seems impossible for me to even try. :(

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