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Brazilian Guitarists Performance Listings

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I have listened to and played (always learning) Brazilian guitar music for 25 years.  I would certainly travel to Brazil to see the greats perform live, but it is nearly impossible to find listings of live presentation from searching Google in the US.  Also, my goal is to lead tour groups to Brazil and make this wonderful music better known in the US.  It would be a great benefit if members would post links to performance calendars.  Open to suggestions

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Hi dborean, welcome to the forum.

I agree that it is a challenge and I can't think of a single website that'll give you all the calendars. The most reliable way is to go to the artist's own website and check their tour dates. Which means, obviously, that you need to know the artist first, so there's not much room for random findings in that sense. Who are your favorite performers? Yamandu, Ulisses Rocha, who? Most performers have their own websites with the most current tour dates.


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Here's a quick compilation of the names you mentioned (most of the time it's all in Portuguese):

Yamandu: http://yamandu.com.br/agenda/

Guinga: http://www.guinga.com.br/index.php/agenda

João Bosco (you'll have to email his manager to get the info): http://www.joaobosco.com.br/contato-imprensa/

Nelson Faria: http://www.nelsonfaria.com/music/en/www.nelsonfaria.com_music_en/Shows.html

Marco Pereira (reach out to the manager): http://www.marcopereira.com.br/contact

Alessandro Penezzi (you have to reach out to his manager): http://alessandropenezzi.com.br/producao/

Baden Powell: I wish we could bring him back!!! :)



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