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Hi everyone.

Just wanted to inform you all that earlier this year I released a new album with music composed for guitar by Marco Pereira.

I'm proud and grateful to be the first guitarist ever to record an entire album of Pereiras music (well if you do not count Pereiras own recordings....)

The fact that Pereira him self has been helping, guiding and mentoring me all the way in the prosess has been a true blessing. 

I hope you would like to check out the result, and any feedback is highly appreciated! 

It's available on all major streaming and download sites. Pasting a link to Spotify here if you're interested in having a listen.




NB: administrators: If this post is unappropriate just remove it from the forum.



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Hi Marius, thanks for the announcement. The excerpts actually sound great, I can't wait to hear the full album.

Marco Pereira's works are quite a challenge to play and you seem to be able to do it effortlessly!

I checked my Amazon Prime Music, not there yet, any plans to release the album on platforms other than Spotify?

Forget that, I found it on Amazon!


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