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Help identify mislabeled tracks on Paulinho Nogueira's "Late Night Guitar"

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Hello Brazillian guitar experts-

Though a long-time fan of Brazilian guitar music, I've only recently discovered the music of Paulinho Nogueira. One album I'm taken with is "Late Night Guitar." Unfortunately, most (perhaps all) of the album's tracks are mislabeled on iTunes and Spotify. The same errors appear in both playlists, so I'm guessing it's a problem originating with the distributor.

I've contacted both Spotify and iTunes who say they will work on fixing it. I'd like to provide them a list of corrections, but I only know some of the tunes.

Here is the Spotify playlist for the album: https://open.spotify.com/album/5tG6Pv1mZxRkZ1sUBjyOJ3?si=fXY8-3UXSzSx4RTjX7oMLA.

Here is the iTunes Store entry (where you can audition part of each track): https://music.apple.com/us/album/late-night-guitar/1434313437

Here is the entry for the album at Discogs.com, listing the tracks in the same order: https://www.discogs.com/Paulinho-Nogueira-Late-Night-Guitar-The-Brazilian-Sound-Of-Paulinho-Nogueira/release/13701260

An here is the anomaly: AllMusic.com lists a totally different order: https://www.allmusic.com/album/late-night-guitar-mw0000607013

Here is the track list as it appears on Spotify, iTunes, and Discogs. On the left is the listed name (which matches the order at Discogs), and after "=" is the actual name of the song that plays when you play that track, by my reckoning:

1    Ave Maria    =  O Barquinho
2    Zelão    = Concerto de Aranjuez
3    Aria Na 4° Corda    = ?
4    Odeon    = ?
5    O Barquinho    = Manhâ De Carnaval
6    Concerto Para Uma Voz    = ?
7    Olha Maria    = ?
8    Concierto De Aranjuez    = ?
9    Manhâ De Carnaval    = ?
10    Malagueña    = Medley: All The Things You Are...
11    Medley: Maria Maria/O Cio Da Terra/San Vicente = ?
12    Adios Nonino    = ?
13    Tons E Semitons    = ?
14    Medley: All The Things You Are/Laura/Moonglow/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/I Only Have Eyes For You   = ?
15    Reflexões Em 2 Por 4    = ?
16    Chovendo Na Roseira    = ?
17    Soneto Em Mi Menor    = ?
18    Choro N° 1   = Tons E Semitons

In every case where I could identify the tune, it matches the title listed at AllMusic for that track number.

Would someone with the actual CD please confirm what the actual intended track order is, and maybe check some tracks on Spotify or iTunes to see if they match the AllMusic track list?

Cheers, Tom

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PS: I've found a used CD listing for this album, where the seller helpfully provides images of the back of the CD: https://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-1039027245-cd-paulinho-nogueira-late-night-guitar-1992-br-_JM. This CD has the tracks in the order as listed at Discogs (and Spotify and iTunes). So I'm wondering if there are any other versions of the CD with the tracks in the order given at AllMusic. —Tom


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Hi Tom, I have the same exact CD you saw listed on Mercado Livre and the tracks listed there are correct, nothing was mislabeled.

I subscribe to Amazon Music and did a quick check, they have three versions:

1. The one available on Mercado Livre, same one I have

2. The one listed on All Music, it's a different list, but the track labels match the music

3. The one you listed, with the mislabeled / mismatched tracks


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