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Dictionary of Brazilian Guitarists

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The following list will be periodically updated.

Re Romero Lumambo, I found this short bio inadvertantly via google.

It may be of use.

HTH, Martin


Apr 5 2000, 3:00 amNewsgroups: japan.music.jazz, rec.music.afro-latin, rec.music.bluenote, rec.music.brazilian, rec.music.makers.jazz

From: "webmaster" <webmas...@cesarcamargomariano.com>

Date: 2000/04/05

Subject: Brazilian Jazz - Cesar Camargo Mariano & Romeroo Lubambo

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The Brazilian Duo, Cesar Camargo Mariano (piano) and Romero Lubambo

(guitar), will be appearing as Herbie Mann's guests during his week-long

birthday cellebration at The Blue Note-NYC.

April 11-16 ?Shows: 9:00pm and 11:30pm

The Blue Note ?131 West 3rd Street ?New York, NY 10012 ?(212) 475-8592

Cesar Camargo Mariano (www.cesarcamargomariano.com)

A product of his own instincts, tenacity, and raw talent, Cesar Camargo ?Mariano today is one of the most renowned instrumental artists to come out ?of his home country, Brazil. Just as Bossa Nova took baby steps towards ?enchanting the world, Cesar -- then only 15 years old -- was already ?performing "gigs" at Brazilian nightclubs, with special permission from an ?understanding judge. Cesar quickly became famous for his ability to "swing" ?and for his now legendary left hand. Cesar soon started his first ensemble, ?the "SAMBALANCO TRIO", in association with world-class percussionist Airto ?Moreira and bassist Humberto Clayber. Throughout Cesar's extensive career as ?musical director, conductor, arranger, producer, and composer, he has worked ?with such artists as Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, Joao Bosco, Gal Costa, ?Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Maria Bethania, Nana ?Caymmi, Leny Andrade, Jorge Benjor, Wilson Simonal, Simone, Armando ?Manzanero, Sadao Watanabe, and Leila Pinheiro, among others. But it was his ?professional collaboration with the late Elis Regina, arguably one of the ?most important figures in the history of Brazilian music, that established ?him as a much admired and respected arranger (i.e., "Elis & Tom"), not only ?in his own country but around the world. Prolific and hard-working, Cesar ?also developed a career writing and producing soundtracks for movies, ?television, and commercial advertising. And as a solo artist with many ?credits to his name, Cesar Camargo Mariano has elevated his artistry to yet ?another plane, as demonstrated by his solo recordings, "SAMAMBAIA", ?"NATURAL", and "SOLO BRASILEIRO". Cesar Camargo Mariano is one of the most ?respected and sought-after performers of his generation.

Romero Lubambo

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1955, Romero Lubambo studied classical piano and ?music theory as a young boy. From the time he played his first notes on the ?guitar at age thirteen, he devoted himself to that instrument. Lubambo ?graduated from the Villa-Lobos School of Music in Rio in 1978, an ?outstanding student of classical guitar; and, in 1980, received a degree in ?mechanical engineering from the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de ?Janeiro. The rhythms and melodies defining Brazilian music and American jazz ?fascinated Lubambo. He taught himself through intense research and practice, ?developing exceptional skill, versatility and fluency in both jazz and ?Brazilian idioms. In 1985 he left Brazil for New York, where he became very ?much in demand not only for his authentic Brazilian sound, but also for his ?command of a variety of styles. Lubambo has performed and recorded with many ?outstanding artists, including Dianne Reeves, Michael Brecker, Kathleen ?Battle, Herbie Mann, Ivan Lins, Flora Purim and Airto, Paquito D'Rivera, ?Harry Belafonte, Grover Washington, Jr., Leny Andrade and Cesar Camargo ?Mariano. He has also established himself as a composer and performer on his ?own critically acclaimed recording projects as well as on those of Trio Da ?Paz, a Brazilian jazz trio Lubambo formed with Nilson Matta and Duduka da ?Fonseca. Romero Lubambo is considered by critics to be " the best ?practitioner of his craft in the world today ... the guitarist's facility, ?creativity and energy are in a class all their own."

Herbie Mann

One can easily say Mann’s influence on the last two generations of musicians ?is inestimable. His diverse rhythmic and harmonic excursions has opened the ?ears of countless listeners. In addition to being one of founding fathers of ?the jazz flute, Herbie is also known as being one of the first purveyors or ?World Music. Which just goes to prove that Mann has never lost his amazing ?ability to creatively improvise and experiment with different musical ?idioms—witness his present band.

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I'm not shure if someone already mentioned them, but anyone interested in brazilian guitarrists should search for Toninho Horta, Andre Geraissati, Mozart Melo, among others.Cheers!

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